I am quite obsessed with this off shoulder trend. Any excuse to bare my shoulders is a big win for me so why not. This velvet number is from Maju & my beautiful high waist flare jeans from AD by Agbani Darego is my all time favourite denim. I strongly believe Ms Darego had me in mind while creating this piece because it suits me perfectly, the length is everything.

I’m off to continue my work as I have a lot of commitments this weekend. Pls let me know your thought on this outfit.

Have a great weekend, stay stylish… xx

Top: ShopMaju, Jeans: AD by Agbani Darego, Shoes: Jimmy Choo

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1 Response to Velvet

  1. I love those jeans! I can totally imagine them with a crisp white shirt.. They suit you perfectly.😍😍

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