Hi guys and welcome to the month of March ( even though it’s the 8th already). I returned from South Africa few weeks ago and I shot this look at Camps Bay beach, Cape Town. 

I literally searched the world for this Alexander Wang X HM cropped sweatshirt for months and tbh it was a huge task getting it, asides the fact that it was really pricey it was also sold out everywhere until one faithful day I found it on Depop and you can only imagine the joy I felt in my soul even though it took forever to get it shipped from America to Nigeria. 

What are your thoughts on this outfit, please comment below

Photographed by Tope Horpload // Edited by Jerrie Rotimi

Top: Alexander Wang | Purse: Gucci | Shoes: Gucci || Denim: Asos /

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14 Responses to WANG’ING

  1. Grace Gigi says:

    Welcome back. I’m sure you enjoyed SA.
    I can see why you looked and looked for the Wang crop top. It is indeed nice and you def have the body for it.
    Double Dose Of Olive Goodness

  2. Bookie says:

    The pictures had me smiling all through!

  3. Ifeoma says:

    images are dope

  4. theoluchi says:

    Nice.. And your photographer did a banging job with these pictures 👌👌 #Perfection

  5. Outfit💯
    Photographer did a great Job.
    This is totally beautiful !


  6. I love your contagious smile. It was the first thing I noticed amongst everything else.
    I often tell people that smiling alone can change one’s attitude from hostility to pleasantry.

  7. njideka says:

    pictures are beau….loved all of them.

  8. Linda says:

    Lovely photos and outfit. 🙂

  9. Stephylately says:

    These are great shots hun! And the killer outfit is on point.x

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