The Khaki Bomber Jacket

Hello guys, I’m currently on vacation in Johannesburg  with some of my friends. I have been coming here for years now and it has literally become my second home town.

For months now the Khaki bomber jacket has been the “it” jacket on the fashion scene around the world, I have had mine for a while now but I just didn’t blog it because I’m the laziest blogger of course. 

It is super cool and it is almost too easy to style. It matches almost every thing and it’s definitely a must have wardrobe staple.

Bomber Jacket – Amazon // White shirt – Zara// Black Pant- Retro Religion // Shoes  – Primark

Photography – Tope Horpload

What are your thoughts on the Bomber Jacket? I would love to read from you….

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7 Responses to The Khaki Bomber Jacket

  1. theoluchi says:

    I really love your entire outfit.. The khaki bomber was a great add on 💋❤😊

  2. njideka says:

    nice outfit, not a fan though but it looks good on you.

  3. sogie says:

    The pants are amazing, love the entire outfit. Immediately I saw the teaser on IG, I knew it was great.

  4. I never would have thought this look would work but it does. I have been going through your blog I love the Khaki green skirt look too.

  5. @Lacici_ says:

    Stunner 🔥… Love the pants

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