The Zina Set

Did someone say stripes on stripes? Yes please. The Zina set is one of my favourite piece from the Rinnovo collection by MAJU (check it out here incase you missed it).

In my book stripes are definitely synonymous to neutrals when it comes to fashion and Pairing vertical and horizontal stripes is so clutch this season.




What are your thoughts on this outfit? I would love to read from you.

P.s i also have a set named after me in the Rinnovo collection😁cool right?

Photo credit: Jerrie Rotimi

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12 Responses to The Zina Set

  1. I love stripes! The maju collection is really nice
    This outfit is perfect because it can be worn as separates too

  2. From Beginning to Trend says:

    You look amazing! I love how something so simple as black and white stripes can look so elegant and chic!

  3. officialfantasy says:

    Lovely Outfit!! Simple cuts but they play out so well.

  4. Bookie says:

    Horizontal and vertical stripes paired together is always a win for me, love it.

  5. itsallaboutsonia says:

    such a cute outfit love the stripes.

  6. Tarmaru says:


  7. BlazyFashion says:

    My dear ur blog is just fab
    and your style is impeccable!
    The yellow sandals and clashing pink toe nails
    completed this look beautifully!

    Love it, love it, love it!


  8. The Meremaid says:

    Yes yes, oh and yes. LOVE the black and white stripes (black and white is always a great go to) and the yellow shoes are a great pop of color.

    Stay rad.

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