The TZAR tshirt


Hi guys, it seems the harmattan has finally left us for good and i am taking advantage of the sun which is super hot if i must say so myself.
I bought this limited edition TZAR shirt last december but couldn’t wear it because i planned to style it with this black flare skirt but i just couldn’t find it anywhere. It can be really annoying especially when you are planning outfits around the item but its nowhere to be found. I was happy when i finally bought the skirt from Sheinside and just couldn’t wait to wear ’em.
So so so, i fell in love with this white tee shirt the second i saw it on the Tzar instagram page. For those of you that are familiar with his page you would agree with me that he takes the coolest pictures but the Print on this shirt is right up my alley so i just had to have it and pairing the whole outfit with neon was just me adding a pop of color to white&black.




My very close friend Toyin Oyeneye was around to help out while we were shooting the blog photos and he also wore a t-shirt from TZAR, cool yeah? He is a supermodel and definitely one of the most sort after in Nigeria yes I’m allowed to famz him So everything kinda suddenly turned into a blog collaboration with him.





TZAR t-shirt – Tzar
Flare skirt- Sheinside
Neon shoes-
River Island
Neon purse- Zara

Photography by: Jerrie Rotimi (you guys can follow him here he is amazing)

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Please drop your comments below I would love to read from you. Have a pleasant weekend guys.
Stay stylish……Fola

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25 Responses to The TZAR tshirt

  1. Cassie Daves says:

    I love it!!!
    Ian takes the coolest pictures, I agree

  2. beeyuteeful says:

    absolutely gooooooorg!

    Still waiting on my Tzar shirt tho 😦

  3. Chioma says:

    The purse is beautifulllll, the whole outfit is lovely. love the color of your nails.

  4. Ifeoma Nwawe says:

    The whole outfit is beautiful!!

  5. omg how amazing do you look. Love everything from head to toe. red lippie sealed the deal too. WERK!

  6. So first of all, I love your nail color and your hair! It’s so gorgeous. lol
    The outfit was very well put together, I liked that little pop of neon that came with the bag and the shoes. The shoes are gorgeous by the way, but they look torturous! Or are they comfortable to walk in? 😀
    I totally know what you mean about putting outfits together in your head and not being able to buy the shit you want because it’s sold out or some other crap like that. 😀
    Loved your post, and I absolutely adore your blog! Just a question, why do you only capitalize the first letter of each sentence when other things need to be capitalized as well? Just wondering. :DD

  7. Oprah says:

    Love it. I’m just really happy you finally blogged. lol

  8. Alex says:

    Love the outfit x

  9. thelmss says:

    I’m in love with this outfit, it shows how one can pair simple pieces and come out with a fab result. Nice job babe.

  10. itsallaboutsonia says:

    you look great and the neon gave it a pop of colour

  11. officialfantasy says:

    I love your shoes OMG!! And the nails.. Beautiful outfit in all. You should wear flare skirts more, they elongate your legs nnicely!
    Ayee supermodel, are we allowed to famz too?

  12. So so pretty! quick question though, did sheinside deliver to your home in Nigeria.??

  13. Larisa says:

    Totally obsessed with this look 😍😍😍

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