Something New

Happy New Year guys. It’s been what? Six months? *clears cobwebs from screen*. I honestly don’t have an excuse for not blogging, maybe I’m just lazy or i totally lost my mojo but i am very sorry for my absence. Special shout out to those that followed my blog and commented on my old posts regardless of my inconsistent behavior , i love y’all.

So I have a quick question, how many of y’all followed through with your new year resolutions last year cos it seems to me that after the first month most people just leave it by the side of the road and the following year they pick up new resolutions again. It’s that hard uhn?

Well i definately have goals i set out to accomplish this year and tbh last year was  good to me, tons of challenges and down moments but hey it was good and i must include it was indeed veryyyyyy stressful. I put in alot of hardwork and worked long nights and it sure paid off and this year i set the bar even higher 😀 and this time I’m going to blog more often, i can’t promise daily posts sha oo, baby steps shall we?

Please leave a comment below, i would really like to know what you did during the holidays and your plans for 2015. Lots and lots of love, Fola xxx

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4 Responses to Something New

  1. officialfantasy says:

    After that beautiful flare skirt i was patiently waiting for more uno!! Lol happy new year dear!! I sure did a lot of turning up for the seasons celebrations but back to reality. I’ll be reading your blog posts this 2015😏😏 sly ohh and i can’t wait to see your cheekbones this year…we should hang (i’ll try not to be boring) xx

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