The Flare Skirt

Its been so many days since January, I can’t believe its June already, Thank God. So I am starting to feel like the laziest blogger on earth that has so many things to post but never does. This year has been very eventful for me and stressful as well. I have also decided to get a camera and tripod as most times I have nobody to take photos of me so you guys should include me in your prayers 😀





This is a last minute outfit I put together for a book launch i was invited to last weekend and I went with my friend Jerrie. I bought this skirt in January from my friend but didn’t have an occasion for it until now. I am not a skirt person but i just love the fullness of this one.
A very fat thank you to Jerrie Rotimi for the amazing photos, you can follow him and view his work here

Flare skirt – From Posi (similar here)
Off Shoulder Body – Club L
Court Shoes – Liliana

P.s: Please enter for the giveaway by Èkó Luxury Makeup brand in my last post

Pps: This post was created last weekend but I couldn’t upload the pictures due to network struggle

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10 Responses to The Flare Skirt

  1. You finally put it up after I’ve finished admiring it tey tey . Ive already gushed over these pictures to you. Lol

  2. Olakunmi says:

    Very lovely photos too

  3. damiesdiary says:

    I love this skirt and the fact that it suits all body type .You should consider more skirts, you are a diva in this skirt

  4. Very very pretty! I love the skirt ^.^ and you look happy !

  5. Nice shoot, love the color contrast (the skirt and shoes). I have the same issue- not having someone to take pics. We could do like a tit for tat thing if you are interested.

  6. Moosa says:

    Very CHIC

  7. Mzcocoh says:

    looooooove!!! Why do you have such an amazing physique , you and your sister haa

  8. That skirt! Love! Making one for myself ASAP ^_^

  9. justaise says:

    I love it! And those blue shoes are everything! Following you now.

  10. April says:

    sooo pretty i need to steal that skirt. Thanks for visiting my blog

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