Èkó Luxury Makeup by Africanism cosmopolitan (giveaway)


Hello guys & happy democracy day to my Nigerian readers. There is a Luxury makeup/cosmetics brand called Èkó Luxury Makeup by Africanism cosmopolitan and they just started sale in Nigeria with two new products

Èkó luxury mink Eyelashes which costs (N4000)



 Arewa 88-color eyeshadow palette (N3,500)


These items can be purchased either by direct email order, via their social media platforms or their retail outlet in Lagos at SuiteE370-379, Ikota shopping complex Ajah, Lagos.

Now for the giveaway *drum rolllllll*
Thanks to the people at Èkó Makeup, 5 Readers/followers of my blog get 15% discount off their purchase on either of the two products….YES! 15% off.

You must follow them on
 Instagram: @shop_africanismcosmopolitan
 Facebook:  Èkó Makeup
 Twitter: @EKOmakeup

You must also comment your purchase interest under this blog post + your email address (e.g Arewa 88-color eyeshadow palette , xyz@yahoo.com) and I will send the discount code to you which you would include in your order email to them. Please kindly tell a friend to tell a friend to shop Èkó Makeup and buy Nigerian.

Instagram: @shop_africanismcosmopolitan
Twitter:      @EKOmakeup
Email: customerservice@ekomakeup.com
Website: www.ekomakeup.com

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