Drop Beats Not Bombs









My favourite 😀




I’m sure my post title got y’all thinking like “…..errrrr…What’s this about”. I can’t begin to express my love for this tshirt, Its a souvenir my friend gave me from his trip to America lastweek (Thank you Toyobo). Immediately he showed it to me I knew what i was going to do with it. With everything that’s going on in Nigeria presently, the inscription on the shirt really spoke to my soul and for a moment I was sad.
The snap back on the other hand is my favourite fashion item at the moment, its crazy how I’m steady looking for reasons to wear it every day and with everything and I love how it gets everyone’s attention lol. The pictures were taken by my friend Emmanuel (view some of his work here) who is a very talented photographer, tbh I couldn’t say no when he offered to take the pictures and even though the sun was well on its way down I think they still came out nice.

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Oyeleke
Assistant: Leylarh cadne

Tshirt: (Gift)
Skater skirt: Mr Price
Sandals: River Island
Rings: H&M
Snap back: Dsquared

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Please drop your comments below I would love to read from you

P.S: Please let’s take few minutes every day to pray for Nigeria and our beloved ones. We need all the prayers.

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25 Responses to Drop Beats Not Bombs

  1. Adeola Macaulay says:

    Yay first to comment x_x lol. I love everything about your outfit. Im inspired to do something similar. The all black look with a touch of color is really cute.
    New Follower

  2. Mag Payne says:

    I love the Tee a lot. You killed it. Fashion superhero.

  3. busola says:

    Everything about this post is fab..i luv d skirt especially.tanks fola

  4. Priscilla says:

    Love the outfit..
    Especially the t-shirt and the sandals absolutely beautiful.
    And awaant it alllllllllllllllll!
    Thanks and God bless Nigeria!
    Bye x

  5. bellebakss says:

    love the tee I think we all need boko haram need to see this maybe they would calm down. so sad :(. you look gorgeous by the way, love the skirt and the shoe.

  6. Muyiwa says:

    Nice caption, lovely tees!

  7. iamajala says:

    I Love Your Shoes, Rings And The Skater Skirt. You Have An Amazing Sense Of Style….Nicely Done 🙂

  8. Buzor says:

    Outfit so beautiful u killed it… Those long legs. tho😍😍#dropbeatsnotbombs

  9. LOVE the tee! Too dope and the pictures too.

  10. roniilurve says:

    I love the look,makes ♍e want to get a face cap…I don’t have one *covers face* I nominated you for the Liebster blog awards,check it out here http://www.ironyoflhurve.blogspot.com/2014/05/nomination-liebster-award.html?m=1 or http://ronilurvediaries.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/liebster-award/

  11. maxyner says:

    Hey sweety. I love your style!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. As a fellow African, Nigeria is in my prayers. Just followed your blog. Love and hugs.

  12. JustPorsh says:

    You look fab!
    Love the write-up on the tee.

  13. Lol at first I thought the title had something to do with book haram x_x . Love the tee btw

  14. Mzcocoh says:

    Swaguu! I missed this post ? how come! That outfit! Love what you did with the shirt,always creative. Pairing this with a snapback, who would have thought, and on those heels, Yass geerl. I loove itt

  15. Oprah says:

    I want your skirt. How do you always look gorgeous?
    fashion bomb 🙆

  16. Gbemi says:

    I love everything about this post. From the title to the pictures to the tee to the… *sighs* if I ask for the skirt, will you give me? Lol

  17. GoJaneBLOG says:

    Everything about this look is amazing. So genius.

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