I have been dealing with so much lately, I barely even have time for myself and my internet has been doing my head in, urgh!
I have also been working my butt off and sometimes I don’t even leave work till like 8pm 😦
I have been working with this group of people that came to Nigeria from America to shoot a documentary and I hate the fact that i have to keep the details to myself. They are the coolest people I have met in a very long time and as stressful as work is, I still wake up excited to go to work cos of them.
These pictures were taken ’bout 2weeks ago on my way to work. Some of you are probably thinking “a crop top to work?” Well like I said I work with cool people and its totally allowed :D. For some time now I haven’t had makeup on my face and I’m loving it.

Crop top – Asos
Skirt- H&M
Black bag – H&M

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Please drop your comments below I would love to read from you. Have a pleasant week guys.
Stay stylish……Fola

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8 Responses to Cropped

  1. sqweaky says:

    its the shoes that did it for me black is good when there is a little detail…… tots gorg

  2. I noticed the no make up first! Lol and it actually makes you look younger. I like. I envy the fact tha you can dress however you want to work.

  3. Tarmaru says:

    Lovely 😘😘 black is good on you . You look younger w/o makeup😝

  4. busola says:

    Lovely….I love the top,d skirt n d way u styled ur hair…good work ms fola

  5. Shirley says:

    Am not commenting cos if I tell u to dash me the skirt u’ll wefuse……… :(…..Lovely everything how come ur hair grows sooooo fast whats the secret mine isn’t growing ='(

    • Moosa says:

      Have always loved seeing you in your natural self and nothing can be more natural than the colour of the outfit, the hair, the face and the person herself….keep making us proud babe.

  6. Ike chioma says:

    Just stumbled on ur blog through cassie’s own, u r very fashionable, I love ur style. Am sticking around for more

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