Designers Marketplace (DMP)

On saturday i was at the Designers Marketplace . It is the Abuja version of Mente de Moda & Lpm ( tho not as Live) and its holds on the 1st Saturday of every month. I was invited by my friends Owolabi & Pelumi and we were only there for bout an hour. I wanted to take random pictures of buyers but i only got about 4 because of time. 

















I settled for a casual look so I wore a danshiki blouse which I bought at the Art & culture village Abuja and paired it with shorts & flat sandals but for some unknown reason I got alotta stares and alot of “hi, I like your hair”. At the marketplace my eye caught a vintage jacquard blazer and I immediately saw myself in it, tho its a size 12 I wasn’t gonna let that stop me cos I usually have my way with big clothes so I didn’t hesitate to buy it. Even though my friend told me it was ugly I couldn’t even be bothered, he is a guy what does he know about vintage.

Since I got it on Saturday I have tried it on about seven times cos I’m steady getting inspirations on how to style it. Hehehe

What do you guys think about Dashiki? I totally love how it screams freedom.

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10 Responses to Designers Marketplace (DMP)

  1. sqweakymcsqweak says:

    Ahan dmp can be fun sumtines tbut I havent attended menta so I dono …. as usual u look gorg …

  2. busola says:

    Lool…I love every thing about the new post…good work

  3. Shirley says:

    Am not commenting

  4. officialfantasy says:

    Simple and chic!!

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