Hi guys,
Presently Nigeria is too hot for any sane person to wear black talkless of black on black. This pictures were taken bout a week ago while I was rushing to the airport. My friend literally forced me to pose for the pictures and then it took him another week to release the pictures to me *sigh*

I had a surgery about 2weeks ago so that explains the swollen face & why I didn’t wanna pose for the pictures + I was still in pain. But now I’m looking at the pictures & I’m thinking – …..what the hell, just put it up 🙂





What I love most about this outfit is the gold bulldog collar pin & I can assure you guys will be seeing more of it on the blog. Putting this outfit together is the easiest thing I have done in a while cos I was just looking for a reason to wear the pin so I just tot to do an all black look. The shoes are neon btw I dunno why they look like white.


Shirt – Vintage c/o Retroreligion
Leggings – h&m
Collar Pin – Asos , get similar here
Shoes – nsync
Watch – Casio

P.S : If there is any trend you’ld like me to style please drop your suggestions in the comment box 🙂 i’ld love to read from you

Stay stylish, Fola……xx

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16 Responses to BLACK

  1. Surgery?! Dental surgery? Sorry

  2. Mary says:

    I always thought this pin was only for guys but you wear it well. Im definately getting one soon. I hope it wasn’t a serious surgery , get well soon.

  3. Christina says:

    I love this look I’m a fan of all black outfits and the collar pin add such a cool edge to it!

    Much love xxx

  4. Leylarh Cadne says:

    Sorry bae!
    You killed it still! :*

  5. Debbie says:

    Wow, you are so brave to post even though you are in pain– good for you, that’s true blogging dedication! And you look gorgeous neverthless, so no worries! I love your collar pins!! I just got a pair myself recently and I was happy to finally wear them about a week ago when I went out with my gfs (which was in my last outfit post that you already commented on). Also love the all-black outfit, nothing beats that combo– tres chic!

    P.S. I followed you on Bloglovin’ too! ❤

    xx Debbie

  6. oreoluwa says:

    Totally gorgeous …

  7. Awwh, shucks! I hope you feel better soon, and she’s up here blogging, gotta love that. Pulling black on black in that heat urggh, tell me about it. But love how you put it all together with the white shoes! I really like the collar detail too

  8. Laura C. says:

    I love this look, your shoes are so cool!
    Laura. xx

  9. Wioletta says:

    Love your hair! and shoes are gorgeous! ❤

  10. twentie n flirtie says:

    Nice combo! Thanks 4 d follow am followin you bk on bloglovin.

  11. Maria says:

    thanks for visiting my blog and following! I followed back on Bloglovin 🙂
    Great look, so simple but very stylish 🙂

    Have a great day 🙂

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