Hi darlings & happy new year to y’all. I’m sure most of you have been enjoying the festive season unlike me i have been mad busy, working everyday, from one photoshoot to the other & moving around alot. Four days into the new year & i can tell you the only time i have slept for more than 3hours since December 31st was lastnight. On few occasions my friends have sent me messages saying they know i have been having fun and i’m like , “errr -___- ”

So on Thursday i went on a very needed boat cruise with my family & few friends and i can sincerely say thats the only time i have had any type of fun since forever. My friend Doyin was kind enough to take pictures of me even tho she grumbled i compelled her.

Neon Vest – Cotton On, Monokini – RT, Vintage Short- Retroreligion , Bag- H&M

I would like to know what y’all did during the holidays, please leave a comment

P.S – i really tried my best to think up a title for this post 😦 pls pardon my lame ass title

P.S.S – Whoelse noticed how cool its been moving around Lagos due to lack of traffic 😀 i hate the fact that almost everybody will be back from their villages this weekend and Lagos will be packed again *sigh*

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13 Responses to Untitled

  1. Lool!! I was gonna say u forgot to name ur post!
    Nice 🙂

  2. Leylarh Cadne says:

    I love your fro! You look hot soul sister! :*

  3. anonymous says:

    You are really hot and I’m sure you have friends that love and cherish you. I also have a schedule as crazy as yours but hopefully it will be better this year. Cheers

  4. wumie says:

    I don’t go on cruises with people like you, fat and slim don’t mix! See bod! Oh yeah! What I’ll do for more of those traffic free days ehn! Happy new year!

  5. Nancy says:

    Lovely! Nice Bod too.

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