My Year In Blog Photos


Hello everyone, i hope y’all had an amazing christmas & boxing day, yes? Anyway i just thought i should make a collage of few of my outfits from this year and i realised i have way more outfits than i thought tho this isn’t all of them. I am happy with how far my blog has gone this year even though i have not been frequent due to laziness and what not.

Image Thank you all so much for reading my jargons & supporting me this year, i feel humbled & very butterflied bout it & i promise to create more posts next year even if it means turning my blog to a part time job.

Have a happy new year guys, Stay stylish…..Fola 🙂

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14 Responses to My Year In Blog Photos

  1. I really like the yellow top and black skirt with sneakers!!

  2. doyin says:

    Nice happy new year !!!

  3. Ike chioma says:

    I like the dungaree and varsity shirt, all d same dey r all gorgeous outfit.

  4. I love where you had red hair!!! and the one just before the bella naija photo!
    you’re on stylish lady!
    please where did you get your Jeans dungaree.. Please hook a sister up!! ;;)
    Happy New year in advance

  5. Shirley says:

    Nice….. u forgot to put the pix wit the riding pants…I so love that even saved it off ur which one are u bringing for me when ur coming down here ehe?…anyways keep it up girl…

  6. Tosin says:

    I hope to see more photos from you nextyr, your style slays me everytime. Nice one darling, all the pictures are lovely & who is this guy pecking you -____- lol

  7. General Kronik says:

    Lovely styles, lovely blog, lovely Fola, lovely 2013….see y’all in d even more lovely 2014. Insha Allah

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