T.I Nathan | The Aesthetic Man

A while ago i told y’all my friend Temitayo is a designer (if you don’t remember him check my Lagos Fashion week post here ). After releasing his amazing debut collection earlier this year, he just released his new collection “The Aesthetic Man”.
This collection by Nigerian menswear line T.I Nathan, has a wonderful playful nature to it, reflected in the floral and animal crafted patterns and prints, bold colours, the matching attire and the casual aesthetic. The collection is basically inspired by the designers love for nature and the wild expressed with the use of colourful floral prints and dinstinctive animal prints.

Style Direction: Mag Payne
Model: Toyin Oyeneye
MakeUp Artist: Folakemi Awobotu
Photographer: krixtienSIMON

Contact Details
Email: Tayo_nat@yahoo.com
Mobile: +2348164691226, +2348026540641
Twitter: @nattayo

P.S ….The make-up was done by me , yayy right? 😀

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5 Responses to T.I Nathan | The Aesthetic Man

  1. berryloveu says:

    Nice and sexy #just saying

  2. Femi says:

    Interesting use of colours.. very brave…

  3. victor says:

    Nice collection. Love the second to last shot. P.s: the makeup artist tried o 😀

  4. damyshow says:

    The designs are NICE and not too LOUD .. Lovely materials (y) !

  5. Tosin says:

    Very nice, the 1st & 2nd picture are my favourite, very dapper i cant even picture myself in shorts :$… Lovely collection , the debut collection is 10/10 btw.

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