DIY : Ripped/Distressed Jeans

Hello guys, so i have ripped my jeans alot in the past and i sincerely didn’t get the desired results so i went on a quest to find the easiest & right way to rip my jeans. Though i found alotta cool tutorials but the needed items aren’t things that are easy to find in every ‘Nigerian home’ so i came up with a method which involves fewer items . Tho its quite an improvisation but it surely works if the rules are followed squarely ( i just had to chip in that word, i dont even know if it fits the statement, lol)

So you need……..

Tweezer, Needle & Scissors

Tweezer, Needle & Scissors

Its better to use a tiny pair of scissors with pointed tips so you can pierce the jeans with it before you start cutting but the big sized scissors is fine too.

And most importantly

Vintage Boyfriend Jeans

Vintage Boyfriend Jeans

1) Put the jeans on,it makes the shredding process easier and you’ll actually know where the rips are going to be which is REALLY important if you’re putting holes in the knees.

2)Now, take the scissors open them, and use one of the edges to cut the material horizontally depending on the size of the rip you want and the type of jean material. Once that is done, use ur needle to pull out the white horizontal threads from both sides without majorly damaging the threads. This will also fray out the blue threads.

3) Use your tweezers to pull out the blue threads one after the other till its all out & you are only left with the white horizontal threads.

Once my rips on the knees got big enough, I pulled at the sides to rip them wider just a little. I also shredded some small spots on the upper thighs, too. Another way to make your jeans look more distressed is to scrape at the edges of the pockets.

Tadaaaa! :D

Tadaaaa! 😀

There you have it, i hope the tutorial helps. Please leave your comments below i’ll like to read from you guys and also answer any of your questions.

Stay Stylish,
Fola 🙂

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13 Responses to DIY : Ripped/Distressed Jeans

  1. tunde dynasty says:

    Nice lol

  2. busola says:

    Yippeeee…thank you for the tutorial,it is really required.the hustle for ripped jeans in NIG is

  3. wumie says:

    I tried it my own way before, ruined the jeans! This seems more like it. Thanks!

  4. Femi says:

    Doesn’t sound as easy as you make it sound…
    Plus, what happens if one gets it wrong? Lol. That’s the end of that pair of jeans, right?

  5. tobi martins says:

    Awesome! Thanks fola!

  6. busola says:

    Yayyy thank you for the tutorial..the hustle for ripped jeans in NIG is

  7. Way better than the one I tried to do…lool!
    Love eet!

    The Fashion Engineer

  8. I’ve never really tried this before tho, but would now
    Tnx b!

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