How To Style || Varsity T-shirt

Happy New Month Guys! I am super excited my birthday is November 7th, yayyy right? I don’t have plans yet but i just might have my first blog giveaway, Yes! I’m done blabbing. As most of you already know im a sucker for vintage clothings but what some of you don’t know is that i absolutely love men’s wear too. Sometimes i wish i was a guy, they just have way too much fun with their clothings. Their style is oh so easy, effortless & just very comfortable, don’t even get me started on the boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazer, t-shirts ,loafers etc.
I know it seems like we try to steal their style but some of us just know how to make men’s wear look really sexy especially when paired with heels. So if you have a brother or boyfriend go through his wardrobe and im sure you will find pieces that will inspire you.

The varsity t-shirt trend isn’t as pronounced as other trends this year e.g Monochrome trend ,but it is one trend i am in love with. The key to this type of look is ‘not trying too hard’ . I was gonna wear this during the Lagos Fashion & Design Week (lastweek) but somehow changed my mind so i decided to stay at home and show y’all how to style it.

For a hipster/sporty look you can pair your varsity t-shirt with a pair of cut-offs(shorts) , sneakers and accessorize with gold or silver chunky necklace, lots of slim /knuckle rings and bold lipstick just to add a feminine touch to the outfit but still look like a baller.






If you wanna go for a sexy & chic look, wear it as a t-shirt dress and try elongating your legs with super cute heels preferably a pair of single strap sandals, those babies look cute when paired with everything, yes i said EVERYTHING





Please,Please,Please darlings do not force this look! x_x




Would you love to own a varsity t-shirt? How would you pair yours? With sneakers or heeled sandals? Yay or Nay to this trend? I’ld like to know your preferences, please share your thoughts below 🙂 Thanks


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29 Responses to How To Style || Varsity T-shirt

  1. Temitayo Nathan says:

    Fashionista !
    I lovee both looks but I think I prefer it with the heeled sandals !
    Very simple and chic

  2. Doctor dibbs says:

    Kill them

  3. tarmar says:

    I will pair with both….. loveeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Lero says:

    Love love love !!! Nice outfit

  5. Yinka Dabiri says:

    Simple adorable classy, prefers the varsity top with the sandal heels

  6. esosandra says:

    Wow! We are month mate,my bithday is 6th of November. You look lovely,I will wear mine with a leather legging and the sneakers.

  7. berryloveu says:

    I love this outfit am soo stealing it

  8. I pray dis one goes thru o..Lool
    Love both looks!!!! Come n hook me up with a jersey na :D!! All ur lfdw looks were killa!!

  9. nice varsity shirt 🙂

  10. MsAidyl says:

    You look great in my favourite colour, blue! The jersey is a hot trend. you wear it well:)

  11. Purple Ivy says:

    I really like the sporty vibes of the look.


  12. Such a style queen. Really love that you use personal photos. Loooong write up tho ._.

    Oh and i’d go with converse. Nothing like comfort

  13. arti-arte says:

    this is so cool…thanks for visiting my blog

  14. JustPorsh says:

    Love both looks.
    But the one with the heels seem more ‘me’.
    You look amazing!

  15. Leylarh Cadne says:

    This is uber dope! Dem heeellsss.. I love.. You look hot! Like you said this look should be forced (I’m too skinny to pull it off).. Sadly.. And my birthday is a day before yours.. The 5th.. #ScorpiosrHot

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