Sallah Bant

Hi darlingzzzzzz, Yes im back (not like i really went away). I have jes been observing, lol. How have y’all been tho? Blessed i’m sure. Well i’m sincerely sorry for my lack of posts, i have been very very lazy. Sometimes i tell myself i’m gonna create a post then somehow stop myself before i even start, i am that lazy ^.^

From my post title i’m sure y’all already know what i’m gonna talk about. Tuesday was a public holiday for Muslims here in Nigeria (Sallah) and i visited my friend Abiola (Uberstigg) cos he is an awesome cook and hez also a Muslim + he promised me alot of Meat. It was about time to wear my new pair of village green riding pants,i got it over a month ago but haven’t had the chance to wear it yet so i paired it with a leopard print blouse and shoes . I kinda own alotta high waist pants because they have that vintage thing about them which i like and I have wanted a pair of riding pants since forever,especially the ones from American Apparel but the price was just alot ( in my opinion) prolly because i wanted to order 3pairs at the same time.

So, yes thats all folks, i’m not gonna rant today, maybe in my next post tho thats if y’all dont mind 😀 but i’ll be back pretty soon






What do you think about riding pants? Please share your thoughts 🙂
I wish y’all a blessed week.
Stay Stylish, Fola……x

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12 Responses to Sallah Bant

  1. I doubt I’ll ever have the courage to wear riding pants. I’ll just look like a ruler with my flat ass. Smh
    But it suits you, you have the curves to carry it and you look pretty

  2. jules says:

    I def won’t pull dis off,I’m just too straight with no ass….looks nice on u…

  3. Mr Crowne says:

    Riding pants look so good on you

  4. dammy says:

    See my baby

  5. doyin says:

    Always on point :*

  6. 21stcenturyfashionista says:

    Love the combo. Animal print rocks!

  7. Oreoluwa says:

    You should be here often Fola <_<

  8. yettyclassy says:

    Hottie! I love the outfit…simple and lovely

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