Easy Breezy


Hey Lovelies! The weather has been very crazy (literally). One minute its sunny and the next minute its pouring. I have been very busy sorting out alotta things and i have had little or no time for my phones and myself.
Fashion is kinda like a circle, we keep going round and sooner or later find ourselves at the same point. I remember when Timberland boots were mostly worn by artists in videos (i was younger & i only saw ’em in American music videos ,lol ), i used to think they were punishing themselves cos it looked really heavy to me and now almost everybody i know wants a pair or owns a pair of Timberland boots.

When my sister (Tarmar) got hers i tried ’em on and they were really comfortable, i knew i had to get mine. Today i wore this to my friend’s photoshoot cos she needed me to style some of her models so i threw on a casual top, ripped jeans and my pair of Timberland boots.

What are your thoughts on Timberland boots? Would you love to own a pair? Please leave your comments 🙂 Thanks
Stay Stylish….Fola






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17 Responses to Easy Breezy

  1. Shirley says:

    They still look heavy on ur tiny legs…lol…kidding…..really cool hun love ur style…

  2. doyin says:

    Nice one. Flakky !!!

  3. daniel jeremy says:

    I used to have one back in school…it lasted so long I had to leave it behind for whomever wanted to inherit and ran away…lmao. Wouldn’t mind another pair to knockabout

  4. Vanessa says:

    Nice jeans fola 😀

  5. frankiss says:

    Those are not bad..wuld wnt to own one too..

  6. dee says:

    Love eeeeettttttt :*

  7. Ib LeggJack says:

    I love your outfit, simple yet still making a statement. I have this silly fear of timbs though cos I have really tiny legs. My aunt promised to get me one and I can just envision it gathering dust on my rack, lol! ☺

  8. Temitope says:

    Really nice…. ceo folakemi on point

  9. Omggggggggg. Folllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Do you know how badly I want a timbaland boot!!! I’m green with envy

  10. jules says:

    I’m all for it…my kinda thing…u look rily cool!!!

  11. Ndi'kim says:

    I totally wanna own those

  12. A pair of leather work boots never looked as good as they do here! 😀
    Nice pics

  13. Kunmi says:

    i would definitely Love to own a pair!!
    Love the ripped jeans!..x

  14. MsAidyl says:

    You still look so feminine in a tomboy look. I like it. Nice fit:)


  15. Those Timbs give the simple outfit a very hot edge! love it

    Stay in touch

  16. Melody Jacob says:

    nice blog…. with good style… i followed you… please follow back… much love http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/

  17. Funmi Annie says:

    CooL! Wedge sneakers are for me tho! Timbs would look rather bogus/chunky on me, since I have an uber-petite figure. Nice piece,btw!!!!!

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