Hello guys! i know its been so long since my last post and im sincerely sorry. I promised myself to create a post atleast once every week but i ve been mad busy + i forgot my laptop somewhere and i only just got it back but i promise to turn a new leaf.

These pictures were taken yesterday when i was going to chill with my friend but plans changed and we ended up at the cinema and i was glad i wore d blazer cos she almost froze to death.I didn’t have a hard time deciding what to wear cos it felt like a good day for a pair of shorts and this was the 1st thing that came to my mind. I’d love to talk about how much i love this burgundy vintage blazer but that is a topic for another day. The ‘Playa’ t-shirt is from Topman and the purse is from Cotton On.

I wish y’all a blessed week ahead ^.^





please leave ur comments and share your thoughts 🙂 thanks

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20 Responses to VOID

  1. dee says:

    My Baby Just Gasts To Always Look Good,Simple And Dope Outfit,Love It…

  2. Love your blazers!!! Let’s exchange take my pink and gimme this one (._.)

  3. Love your blazer!!! Let’s exchange take my pink and gimme this one (._.)

  4. alliebee says:

    Loveee d blazer…nice 1

  5. jules says:

    U look fab hun….as always!!!!

  6. teevazmind says:

    Love this look.
    oh! yes, will be waiting for more posts from you x

  7. Love this look! Very chic! You have great style! Love your blog! Thanks for checking me out also! Definitely following!

    xo, Kenya

  8. Alina says:

    Thank you for following me 🙂
    I follow you now, too 🙂

    Really nice outfit! Looks very good on you!



  9. Bidemi says:

    You look good,nice blazer keep it up,Your outfit are always on point.

  10. Lorietta says:

    love the leopard print flats!:) they’re so chic!


  11. MsAidyl says:

    Your style is so effortless. glad you brought me here. Following!

  12. Nelo says:

    I love this blazer too. The color will pop anythings!

  13. ucheachi says:

    LOVEEEEEE ! Lol don’t mind me ,I’m just in love with the outfit basically,its Lovely 🙂 the Blazer is just stunning and every other thing goes well too . *sigh the thing is you look really good on flat shoes , you should try moccasins more often than heels ,they fit you just right !! Uhm you look really really good on the blazers and shorts ! It brings out “Style” in one word , Well well well !! I’m running out of words to say lol x_x . Uhm I’m a blogger as well but I hardly ever have time but you can check it though Link(http://t.co/FSlnG4p7l9) B•U•M•G !! That’s it ! Uhm yet again fola you look absolutely stunning ,stay stylish,I’m out (: 🙂 :* x

  14. Sogie says:

    Love the blazer.

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