Sunny Day, Happy Day

Hey guys i hope y’all had a great weekend.

The weather was great during the weekend and on saturday i attended a family friend’s wedding (Taiwo&Dotun) and it was beyond awesome, i got home really tired because the last time i slept well was wednesday night.Yesterday it took me forever to decide what to wear to church,i was ready to wear the first thing i could lay my hands on but i changed my mind at the last minute when i remembered it was Covenant Day Of Long Life in my church.

The white peplum top is from Mr Price(Ibadan), it was super cheap(N1800) i just could not let it go & i even bought 2 of it, yes same color so i can switch to the 2nd one when i destroy this :-). I decided to wear a pair of distressed jeans(RiverIsland) and my yellow/silver heeled sandals are surprisingly very comfortable & i love ’em…..

we left for church in a hurry so i decided to take the pictures when i returned.





blurry pictures are my favourite




Please leave your comments and tell me what you think ^.^ thanks

photo credit: horploadworks

p.s- pardon my cheesy ass post title

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22 Responses to Sunny Day, Happy Day

  1. oh your hair is niceee!!!! love the colour!!
    looking “delishhhh”.

  2. snooz says:

    Fola! Always looking Good

  3. bimz says:

    Nice one, Sis xx

  4. araga says:

    Basically I like d Hair first to start with,And the Jean looks so cool.Probably bcuz U wearing it*wink*Nice Combo btw.Dnt like d shoes doe.I gv u a 78 /100

  5. Prix says:

    The Jeans!!!!!!! Aaaaawant!! Come and dash me! I’m not ashamed to beg for all to see! Dash me oooo! Thanks and God bless you as you do so! x

  6. alliebee says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee evry……xpecially d hair.thumbs up KING fola

  7. kronik says:

    Fly!!!! ILike much!!!

  8. Shola says:

    Nice post… Great things start small… All the best hun! 🙂

  9. Lovely, hair, denim, and everthing! I love!

  10. dee says:

    Ur always on extra point,love u :*

  11. MsAidyl says:

    okay , how gorgeous is your hair!!!!

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  13. Sogie says:

    Love your hair, you look good hun

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