Denim and Chains










 Heyyy!!!! i hope you all have been enjoying the weather!

I have been dying to show this vintage highwaist denim skirt off but the weather has been a bit too pants until yesterday. When I saw the sun was shining I couldn’t think of a better excuse than to wear my fairly new skirt from RetroReligion, well i said fairly new cos i have had it for a while now. I have to say, I am happy with the versatility of this skirt and think it makes a good day to night staple piece. Not only can I wear this as a casual outfit, but by chucking on some heels I can have an outfit suitable for drinks with the girls . I think you would probably agree that these all stars overstep the mark and just suggest that I am going to chill!

I am definitely embracing skirts a lot more than I used to. I must say I was never a fan before cos i always thought skurrts were unflattering on me and cut me off at the wrong places. However,I think that I am definitely embracing the ‘skirt madness’  a lot more than I used to and this particular skirt paired with my ‘2chainz’ & my favourite pair of shoes is soooo ‘me’.

What are your thoughts on this vintage skirt? I would love to know your preferences.

P.s  i am really sorry about the poor lighting as these pictures were taken at about 5pm when the sun was well on its way down.

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9 Responses to Denim and Chains

  1. Dr Dibbs says:

    Flakky bebe…*sideeye* Retro!!

  2. Salewa says:

    Absolutely love the garb…the skurrt, sneaks, earrings…and most of all the MODEL! Lol look forward to reading more of your blogposts 😀

  3. Malobi says:

    I want those earrings Folake ;;) n I love ur hair!! Good work baybay 🙂

  4. 21stcenturyfashionista says:

    You shud try bright colors with denim, makes it stand out… I see you working em converse. Go girl! :*

  5. kronik says:

    D skirt looks gud on u no doubt, and its one of d nicest trend ryt now buh lucky me av seen u on jeans trousers! In my opinion iKnw u rock on those better…PS: am comin for those “2chains” so watch out girl!

  6. Bidemi says:

    You look so cool.I love the skurrt,chains and sneakers….Super Model the sky is your limit, So many runways around the world awaits you…keep it up

  7. bigheart says:

    Nice kip it up !!!

  8. Mic says:

    Nice 😉

  9. Sogie says:

    Love your hair, really cute. Love your jeweleries

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